Southtowns Animal Hospital

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West Seneca, NY 14224



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I have been taking my animals here for 20 years- our dog and 2 cats- and have always found the staff to be friendly and knowledgeable and compassionate. They are very thorough but do not order unnecessary tests or procedures. I have always been pleased with Southtowns Animal Hospital and can recommend then highly without hesitation. 

- P.Kerwin


Thank you so much for the concern and kindness shown to our little boy, Ted E. Bear. The treatment and care we has received at Southtowns Animal Hospital has been exemplarity. You ( the doctors and staff) have gone above board to insure that his best interest for good health and his well bring, was always at heart. Being able to bring him in, due to an emergency, with no appointment and being seen immediately, shows your commitment to providing the best health care to an animal as humanly possible and we truly appreciated this.

We would like to thank all of you for the flowers we received. Your gesture touched our hearts during this time of grief and was appreciated more than words can say. I personally, would like to thank all of you for the compassion and kindness shown to me as well. It was comforting to know that you were there to help, listen to my concerns or just offer a strong shoulder when needed. It is actions such as this, that puts you a step above the rest and we will not hesitate to recommend Southtowns Animal Hospital to anyone in need of pet care.

Ted E. Bear was not the only patient in our household that was cared for by Southtowns Animal Hospital. Before him was our gentle Myster and before Myster, my little spitfire Jewel. It is because of the care, that each of these precious little gifts from God received, that made us a long time client. Unfortunately, in the future we will no longer need your services. Losing Ted E. Bear was more than we could take, breaking our hearts, more so than any other fur baby that we have lost. No matter how many pets you have lost, it never gets any easier to say good-bye and neither Jeff nor I want to go thru this emotional and physical pain again. So Ted E. Bear is our last fur baby. Who, without a doubt, was our little hero for the way he dealt with his disabilities. He surely was a little trooper and amazed us every day.

We rescued Ted E. Bear at the age of seven. People told us that we were nuts to adopt a dog at that age. But his sweet face and crooked little smile melted our hearts. How could we say no? His first owner, who got him as a puppy, abused him, which left him with some issues to overcome. His second owner who recused him from this situation at the age of two, provided him with a safe and loving home. Until a grandchild teased him unmercifully and he snapped at her, connecting with her bottom cheek. The mother of this child told Bear's owner to get rid of him. If not, she wouldn't be seeing her grand daughter. I know it was  hard decision for her to make, choosing her family over this little bundle of fur. I'm glad that Bear snapped at this little girl. I'm glad he protected himself, because had this not have happened, Ted E. Bear would not have come into our lives. He may not have been with us for long, but he was loved to pieces, spoiled rotten and there was nothing that I (we) wouldn't have done for him to insure his happiness and well being. I know in my heart he knew this and it is because of this, that he became more secure and over time, resolving all his issues. He was the sweetest, most lovable and loyal little guy that anyone could ask for. More than I could ever ask for. The day I met Ted E. Bear, I knew the minute I picked him up, holding him in my arms to bring him home, that he would break my heart. He has. And despite all the hurdles that we have faced caring for him and the sadness and heart ache we feel because of losing him, I know he had a good life, that we did our best to insure this and I would not have missed being his mom for a minute and I'm sure Jeff feels the same.

So thank you all again, from the bottom on our hearts, for the compassion, concern, and the kindness shown to all of us over the years. It was appreciated more than words can ever express..........

- Ted E. Bear, Diana Tryka, Jeff Hodak