Southtowns Animal Hospital

154 Orchard Park Road
West Seneca, NY 14224



Southtowns Animal Hospital is a full service facility providing high quality, compassionate care to both dogs and cats. Services provided include:


Wellness Care and Surgery:  Yearly wellness exams allow our doctors to provide the latest information on nutrition, vaccines, parasite control, behavior, and general pet care. Surgical procedures are performed on a daily basis utilizing the highest quality monitors and equipment to keep your pet safe and comfortable.  USDA website


International Travel: We offer International Pet Travel Consultations and Certificate Exams. Planning in advance to travel outside the country with your pet is key to avoid any issues that may arise. As soon as you know when and where you will be venturing internationally, please give us a call to set up an appointment with one of our USDA accredited doctors. They will consult with you to be sure that all of your designated countries requirements are met.


Acupuncture:  Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine that can help in treating various medical conditions. One of the most common uses for acupuncture is to help relieve pain. Acupuncture involves the stimulation of specific points along the skin of the body. Various methods of stimulation are used. The most common is to penetrate the skin with a thin needle. Other methods include the application of heat or pressure, or the use of a laser. Stimulating specific acupuncture points corrects imbalances in the flow of qi through channels known as meridians. Please call with any questions or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jacobi for a consultation.


Dental Care:  We offer dental cleaning, extractions, and minor oral surgical procedures. Good oral health in animals is important and significantly adds to the animals quality of life. Especially in an animals senior years. Some signs that an animal has poor teeth or mouth pain are:  not acting themselves, lethargy, not eating and bad breath. Bad teeth can lead to a variety of other conditions, some of which include kidney or liver disease.  

Ultrasound / X-Rays / Bloodwork / Pharmacy:  We are equipped with an ultrasound machine, and a high quality X-ray machine. Our laboratory utilizes the latest state of the art blood machine and this allows us to assess your pets blood cells and quantify liver, kidney and thyroid levels in house with same day results. Our pharmacy stocks almost every medication you might need. For your peace of mind, medications are dispensed by a qualified, licensed Veterinary Technician under the supervision of a Veterinarian. We have a three step procedure for dispensing medications that includes a check for accuracy at each step. This helps to ensure the right medication at the right dosage gets to the right animal every time.


Home Delivery:  If you prefer not to use our in house pharmacy, there are alternatives. Vetsource is just one of these alternatives. Vetsource is a partner website that can provide you with all of your pets pharmaceutical needs at the click of a mouse. Visit our Vetsource website today to view all of the medications, flea and tick products and food items that can be delivered to your doorstep.


Boarding:  Medical and non-medical dog and cat boarding is available to our clients. New York State law requires that all boarding in a hospital setting that receive medications and treatments be monitored daily by a Veterinarian. All medications are administered by a Veterinarian or a New York State Licensed Veterinary Technician. For animals that do not require special medical attention, we have a dedicated staff to care for the animals. You can check out our Facebook page to see pictures of our boarding facility. Please call to inquire about pricing.


Private Off Leash Dog Park:  Our One Acre Dog Park is open 24 hours for your dog to exercise and play while you relax. There are some rules that must be followed but the most important one is that your dog is an active patient, is spayed or neutered and that vaccines are up to date. Please Click Here for full list of rules or call the hospital today with any questions.


Emergencies: We provide emergency care for our patients that are in need of immediate attention. Call  824-4108 during normal business hours. For emergencies after hours, our clients are directed to the Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center that is open 24 hours.