The founder of Southtowns Animal Hospital was Dr. L.W. Lindsey. This former large animal practitioner opened Lindsey Small Animal Hospital in 1946. An article commemorating its founding was published in the Hamburg Sun on 06/20/1946. Dr. Lindsay practiced out of a house that stood in front of where the current Souththowns Animal Hospital is located. The practice was founded on personal one on one attention.

In the 1970’s, Dr. Lindsay retired and sold the practice to Dr. Robert Hirt, who built the first version of the current building while practicing out of the same house in front. Dr. Hirt published a book, “Reflections: The Stories and Life of a Country Vet.” In 1995, upon his retirement, the practice was purchased by Dr. Theodore Winkle (The Ohio State University) who became just the third owner in 50 years. Dr Kim Jacobi (St. George University), joined the practice a year later, and became the fourth owner on 09/03/2010.

The practice continues to serve its community from the same location established by Dr. Lindsey, and continues to serve the same core values of one on one attention in fulfilling its Mission Statement:  To evolve and grow our ability to help animals with the advancements of veterinary medicine, communication, and compassion.

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